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Your journey has just begun. Congratulations on making the decision to find the best version of yourself. All we expect from you is the willpower and the dedication to work towards your goals. Everything else… we have it covered.



This guide has been created to help you through your first use of the 1loop app. 1loop has a lot to offer and may appear a little confusing at first. That is why the 1loop team has put together this guide to answer any questions you may have. If nothing more, we recommend you at least skim through this manual before getting started. It will answer most of the questions you may have. If you absolutely can’t wait to get started, we don’t blame you. If at any point you run into any trouble, remember that this guide is always here to help you!



We know everyone’s day is full of companies trying to sell them. There is an overwhelming amount of pressure to try to fit everything in and feeling like you are getting further and further away from the body you “used to have.” There is a way to calm all these things down, a way for you to feel more alive than you have ever felt.

That’s why we created 1loop – to become fitness for everybody. Inspired by our sensor technology and our first customers, 1loop is the smallest movement it takes to start. Start with 1loop. Then another, then another. Our product tracks the weight you move as you move it—like distance on a treadmill, stride by stride, weight by weight — helping you visualize your training and progress in a new way.

To every partner, employee, trainer, and ambassador for our new brand, thank you. There is so much we can learn from you, and we hope the 1loop sensor serves you well as an introduction to our brand. Join us in embracing a warmer, richer, more optimistic 1loop, a smart gym experience for every home, gym, and city.

If you are entering 1loop with little to no resistance training experience, we have created content just for you. Visit our sister-brand’s Youtube channel and watch free guided workout videos and tutorials, created by our fans and expert trainers.

Just like any workout experience, 1loop offers the opportunity to be a part of our community of like-minded individuals who will push you and support you on your journey. Get the most from your workouts ….. by joining ClubBodyBoss.



The 1Loop App is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play store.


To sign into the 1loop App, enter the email address and password you used when you signed up. If you signed up with Facebook, tap “Login with Facebook”

If you are brand new to 1loop, you can also create an account directly within the 1loop App.



Once you are signed in, you will be presented with the 1loop home screen. Here, you can see your daily progress, view historic stats, track your progress, view the Sensor Menu, and access more information, including your profile, settings, your goals, and more!

The 1loop sensors provide you with real-time feedback on your performance level. The following section explains different aspects of the 1loop trackers.


In the event that your sensors are not connecting to the app, here’s a list of actions you should take:

– Disable and re-enable the Bluetooth functionality of your mobile device

– Restart the 1loop app

– Reboot your mobile device


When using the sensors for the first time, you need to fully charge them to connect to the 1loop app

1. Connect the provided USB charging cable into both 1loop sensors.

2. Charge the sensors by plugging the USB charging cable into a charger with a USB port

3. The lights on your sensors will light up to indicate the current stage of charging

Once fully charged it’s time to connect the 1loop sensors with the app.


The sensors connection status is denoted by the sensor icons located at the top of the main screen within the 1 loop app.

1. Tap “Add”, to search for 1loop sensors.

2. Ensure 1loop sensors are powered on by pulling metal bands on the sensor, the green lights should illuminate. Locate and tap the device named “BOSSBIE“.

3. The lights on your sensors will light up to indicate the current stage of charging

Once fully charged it’s time to connect the 1loop sensors with the app.

4. Repeat this process for the second sensor.


Once paired, you can view the connection status of the sensors by viewing the tracker icons located on the main screen. A filled in icon indicates the sensor is connected.


It takes roughly 20 minutes to fully charge a pair of 1loop Smart Sensors.

The lights on the sensors provided a general indication of battery status

Red = Battery is dead and needs to be charged

Orange = Battery level getting low (< 50%)

Green = Battery level good


The 1 loop sensors will automatically enter sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is done to preserve battery life.

To wake the sensor back up simply press the power button located on the side of the 1loop sensor.

*A blinking green light indicates the sensor is active


The 1Loop trackers are designed to mount with all BodyBoss accessories. Simply clip the included sensor carabiner and Sensor between the accessory of your choice and resistance band(s) pictured below.

Mounting the sensors properly is important in order to get accurate results.


Once you are ready to start your workout press “Start Workout”, and you will be brought to the active workout screen. The image below explains the active workout screen.

The “Pause button” gives you access to exit or pause the workout, pictured below.


The 1loop trackers measure your, average weight per rep, number of reps, and total weight moved in real time. All of these stats are displayed live during your workout.


Your most recent workout stats are displayed on the main screen of the app. To see stats for particular workouts you have completed tap the workout history button.

An overview of your workouts is displayed here; see progress through the weeks. Tapping on a certain day will display that day’s stats.


There are two methods for disconnecting your 1loop sensors:

Sleep Mode

The 1loop sensors will automatically enter “Sleep Mode” when not used for 15 minutes. In sleep mode, the sensors are not active and will consume very little energy, the battery can last 2-3 weeks before it needs to be recharged. Pressing the power button wakes them up.

Manual Disconnect

A manual disconnect will ensure sensors will not consume energy at all. The battery can be preserved for months. In order to turn them on again , you need to reconnect the sensors by following the instructions in the ‘Connecting Sensors’ section of this guide. You can manually disconnect your sensors by sliding left on the sensor name from the ‘My Devices’ section of the app.

If you still have questions that we did not cover in this manual, you can always contact our customer success team.
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